Surinder PuriData Acuity Solutions LLC
Some of the collaborative commerce and intelligent agent features we used in Forum at the turn of the 21st century inside Adexa products were cutting edge back then but still remain "futuristic" for a lot of companies out there. In-memory models have become mainstream just recently due to HANA but it was a pleasure to work on such advanced systems back in 2000 with Adexa that also included AI techniques for Predictive changes to the SCM plans.
Vice President & General ManagerEnterprise Segment Marketing, HP (Partner)
HP strives to enable customers to do more with less, in times of constant change.  The Adexa eGPS solution running on HP Integrity servers is ideal for customers seeking to boost their agility, reduce both cost and risk, and improve the quality of their real-time planning and management capabilities.
Marcos Meirelles, VP, Supply BaseSeagate
In the short time that we have been using Adexa we have already witnessed clear benefits in the operation of our supply chain. The visibility and optimization capabilities that are now available to our global users have definitely improved our ability to be more responsive, faster and serve our customers better.
Sr. Executive VPDongbuAnam
DongbuAnam has developed a customer base that includes some of the world’s leading electronics manufacturers, and the Adexa deployment is part of our commitment to provide them with the most reliable and rapid service in our industry.  We found that our previous supply chain deployment, which was supplied by a leading vendor, was incapable of delivering the results that our customers deserve.  Adexa is the best-of-breed supply chain solution in the Semiconductor industry, and its ease of implementation means we can rapidly become more responsive to customers’ wafer processing requirements and exceed their expectations.
Vice Chairman & Managing Director Essel Propack
Being able to consistently deliver world class customer service at an affordable cost is extremely important to Essel, its client base and all key stakeholders.  Adexa has a documented track record of shortening lead-times and planning cycles, reducing supply chain costs and increasing on-time delivery performance, which will add significant, measurable value to our operations.
Vice President, Materials ManagementGulistan Carpet
We see tremendous value in adopting an integrated supply chain management solution, and Adexa’s solution, which will be used to model our entire carpet manufacturing facility in Aberdeen, as well as our two other facilities in North Carolina...
SpokespersonHynix Semiconductor Inc.
Hynix has grown into a world-class semiconductor manufacturer by focusing on R&D, efficiency of production and our commitment to customer service.  Adexa contributes to our growth strategy by delivering higher levels of efficiency inside the plant to reduce cycle times and increase machine utilization; and Adexa enables us to deliver higher levels of customer service by improving on-time delivery performance.
SpokespersonKEC Semiconductor
KEC’s objective is to become the world’s best semiconductor and electronics parts manufacturer, which means delivering the most advanced products, at the best prices, with the highest level of customer service.  Adexa’s challenge was to synchronize all facets of our planning process to improve efficiency and lower costs.  The eGPS solution improves the accuracy of forecasts; delivers dynamic ATP dates to customers; optimizes global supply chains; shortens order response times and improves on-time delivery statistics.  Adexa is a partner in our mission to surpass customer and shareholder expectations.
PresidentMiTAC International Corp.
We selected Adexa because its eGPS suite is fully Web-based and can be adapted easily to our business processes and supply-chain practices.  Using our enterprise data, Adexa demonstrated that its products will give us the agility we need to stay competitive in the high tech market.
PresidentPowerchip Semiconductor Corporation
We are really in the performance business.  Our memory chips enable PSC customers to increase the performance and capabilities of their own electronic products, and PSC’s commitment to shareholders is that we will continuously increase our own operational performance to drive financial performance.  Adexa will serve us well in this area by increasing planning and operational efficiencies and shortening order response times, even as we expand capacities and diversify our product offerings.
Vice President of LogisticsPulse
Adexa’s solutions allow us to provide real time available and capable to promise, enhancing our customer responsiveness.  Furthermore, Adexa provides global visibility of our worldwide supply chain to identify opportunities for cost reduction and deliver faster cycle times.
Vice President, Supply Chain ManagementQuaker Fabric
We chose Adexa’s eGPS suite to enhance our ability to achieve consistent on-time deliveries.
Chief Information OfficerSTATS
Adexa has given us real-time visibility into material and capacity constraints, as well as the ability to anticipate and prevent future constraints.  This enables us to commit accurate dates to customers in half the time, and to proactively deal with bottlenecks before they impact asset utilization and customer service.  Further, the Adexa solution-set has synchronized external systems and applications that are critical to planning, which automates previously manual processes.  The aggregate business value of Adexa’s system has helped us drive time and cost out of our operations, which is a competitive advantage for us.
CEO/PresidentSamsung Corning Precision Glass
Adexa has enabled us to increase our operational and financial performance by eliminating planning and operational inefficiencies.  We have also increased customer service levels with improved customer service levels with the improved demand forecasting and shorter manufacturing cycle times delivered by Adexa.  Adexa is a partner in our success.
General ManagerTECO Chung-Li Plant
After reviewing other competitive systems, it quickly became apparent that eGPS provided the most advanced capabilities to serve our needs.  Adexa’s reputation within the industry and rapid implementation capability far outweigh those of their competition.  More importantly, Adexa understands the importance of our mission to master the supply chain planning and e-business challenges of the electronics industry.
VP, Supply Chain Management & Business PlanningZiLOG, Inc.
After working with both Adexa and i2 at other companies, it was an easy decision for me to bring in Adexa at ZiLOG.  Adexa consistently delivers results.  Using Adexa’s eGPS, I fully expect to see a dramatic increase in the timeliness and quality of services that ZiLOG provides to customers. — Vice President, Supply Chain Management & Business Planning
Director of Strategic Supply Chain ManagementConexant
We sought a supply chain partner whose solution could keep pace with our growth, providing us with the advanced technology, and deployment we required.  We chose Adexa’s solution and we are now in the process of implementing its eGPS planning suite.
Vice President Agricultural Equipment and SCMCase New Holland (CNH)
At CNH, we recognize the strategic role that supply chain management plays to improve asset utilization and increase customer service.  We are very pleased to have selected Adexa as our supply chain software partner for our agricultural [machinery] business.
Executive Leader Supply ChainCarter Holt Harvey (CHH)
The great results already seen provide the confidence that Adexa is the right supply chain software partner for our planning needs.  Adexa successfully configured their solution to take account of the intricacies in our business model and help us deliver cost and cycle time savings within the Panel business.
Global demand for AVision products has increased over the past few years, and to ensure the highest levels of factory performance, customer satisfaction and profitability, we chose to implement Adexa eGPS.
VP of Planning & LogisticsAnalog Devices
Analog is committed to delivering the highest possible levels of service and value to our customers, and exceeding the expectations of our stakeholders.  Adexa contributes to the achievement of both objectives by delivering real-time commit dates to customer orders and by removing time and costs from the supply chain planning and order scheduling processes.  The Adexa ATP deployment has increased the effectiveness of our SAP system, which had difficulty handling the complex business and allocation logic that our business required.
Chief Executive Officer1st Silicon (1Si)
1Si’s slogan is ‘Where every customer counts’.  Our goal is to provide business solutions that allow us to support our customers with speed, efficiency, and accuracy.  Our commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in our choice of Adexa’s solution to complement our foundry systems.
Randy Wadle, VP ITMaytag Corporation
Maytag selected Adexa because of its overall functional capabilities, a simplicity that we expect will ease implementation, and the flexibility to grow with our business.  We intend to use Adexa as a foundation on which we can build improvements in several different supply chain processes and enhance collaboration with our retail and builder partners.
Cherie Malmstrom, Logistics PMPhilips Semiconductors
Adexa has optimized our cycle times, WIP volume, and delivery performance. Within one year:

→ 12% Reduction in Cycle Times

→ 10% Reduction in Work In Progress

→ 100% Delivery Performance

Richard Little, Director of Engineering Business SystemsGeneral Motors
We selected Adexa because its solution was highly scalable and was built with common Internet technologies, making it accessible on any computing platform, at any location around the world.
Felicia Herring, Director of ISLucent Technology
The ability to improve forecast accuracy and streamline production scheduling has already provided significant benefits to our core business.  Furthermore, we are already improving customer satisfaction by providing more accurate promise dates and delivery times.
Daniel Chen, Vice President and General CounselVanguard International Semiconductor Corporation
We are dedicated to offering a broad variety of products while maintaining superior customer service.  Collaborating with Adexa enables us to optimize global supply chains by shortening order response time and improving on-time delivery.
Dr. Zheng JiaZhen, VP of OperationsHua Hong NEC
We wanted to make sure our supply chain solution provider understood our specific environment and could provide the best solution for us to meet our operational and financial performance objectives.  Adexa has a long and successful history in the semiconductor industry and we hope Adexa’s expertise and commitment will strengthen our business competitiveness.
Nakoto Nonata, Group Sr. VP & General Manager Electronics Devices Group Fujitsu Limited
We proudly recognize Adexa for its contributions to our overall success by providing excellent products and services for GLOBE project. We sincerely appreciate your efforts.
SpokespersonHynix Semiconductor Inc.
We're issuing this plaque in recognition of your excellent and successful work during M7 HiPASS implementation. The completion of this project has now provided us with a strong foundation to increase our production efficiency. As a result, we present this as a token of our appreciation for your services.