Dr. Cyrus HadaviCEO
As the world becomes increasingly more reliant on intelligent information systems, Adexa will be the leading provider of intelligent business solutions, enabling our customers to be the benchmark of their industries.
Tim FieldCTO
There is a question Supply Chain Planners should ask themselves: "If I am in a race with my competitors then who should I choose for my pit crew?"   You can go with the vendor that might handle a lot of your other needs at the same time, like database servers and ERPs.  That logic works great at big box stores where you can pick up some beef jerky and sweatpants while you get a tune-up in one of their garage bays.  But do you really want such people messing with your formula 1 engine?
John HosfordVice President of Consulting and Solutions Delivery
At Adexa, our number one goal is achieving value for our customers through the use of our solutions. The Solutions Delivery Group supports the full solution’s life cycle to ensure what we say we can do, we will do.
Bill Green VP of Customer Satisfaction & Solution Strategy
The main satisfaction that comes from my job is in working with our customers to create the best supply chain planning solutions in the market. Call me a supply chain planning geek if you want, but even after over 20 years of doing this, each customer engagement still gets me excited because I know that Adexa’s solutions help our customers increase the value of their company.
Kameron HadaviVP of Sales
Supply Chain pressures and challenges are ever present rather in good or poor economic climates. For over 20 years, Adexa has been dedicated to providing the most advanced planning technologies to help our clients rise above their competition and keep their customers happy regardless of the market conditions. I am proud to be an evangelist for Adexa’s solutions and its passionate people.
Lisa YangHead of HR
Our people are our most valuable asset; I personally can testify to that motto. Adexa has presented me many opportunities to grow both professionally and personally through the numerous years that I have been with the company...To be successful in any organization, taking initiative and having integrity is the key for continual growth and Adexa has always afforded its people the environment to be able to thrive in this regard.