End-to-End Visibility

Adding Value to Best Supply Chains in Every Industry

Adexa offers the most comprehensive planning solutions in the industry combining S&OP with S&OE (Sales and Operations Execution) at the lowest cost of ownership. S&OE ensures that plans are very accurate for execution rather than just high level plans, offered by most S&OP vendors, that do not reflect the reality of your environment. Our solutions are designed to organically integrate S&OP, Supply Chain PlanningDemand Planning, Factory Planning & Sequencing, ATP/CTP, Network Optimization, and Multi Echelon Inventory Optimization (MEIO) all in Adexa’s unique architecture of unified data model. Thus, financial and operational plans are formed and then transformed into execution plans. All Adexa customers, mostly Fortune 2000 companies in almost every industry, produce plans that are very close to perfection. Adexa SCP 5G™, our latest release, offers solutions that embed Machine Learning algorithms to make the system self-repairing and self-improving.


For more than 2 decades we have delivered the most innovative solutions such as Attribute-based planning and intelligent self-repairing supply chain™ planning technology exclusive only to Adexa. Attribute-Based Planning (ABP) enables the solution to be flexible to fit any business process. After all, it is your unique process that makes you competitive in your industry. If every company used the so called “Best in Class” solutions, then the competitive edge is gone. Furthermore, ABP cuts the implementation time in half and allows the solution to change with your business without having to hire IT personnel to adapt the new rules and business changes to your existing business environment. All of Adexa solutions are available on premise as well as on the cloud. In addition, we have pre-built turn-key integration packages with many ERP, MES and other enterprise software packages that are currently in use.


Our partnering philosophy with our clients is the key reason why we are able to deliver state-of-the-art supply chain and collaborative e-business planning solutions to innovative companies in every industry we serve. We work with our customers closely to understand their business pains resulting in products that are comprehensive enough to address their unique requirements.